Connecting NetSuite User to VCC

To Connect the NetSuite user to VCC:

  1. In Configuration Managersite, navigate to the Agents tab to create a new agent. Alternatively, you can use an existing agent account.
  2. In General tab, enter the agent’s information.

    Note: Take a note of the agent’s email address on Configuration Managersite as it has to match the employee’s email address on NetSuite.

  3. Back to the NetSuite site, navigate to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Users.
  4. Click the employee name.

    The Employee information appears. Make sure the email address matches the agent’s email address on Configuration Manager.

  5. In Employee page, select Standard Employee Form from the Custom Form list. Click Edit if you cannot see the Custom Form.
  6. Click Access tab at the bottom of the employee information page.

  7. Select Give Access.
  8. Enter the agent’s user name and tenant ([email protected]) for VCC Agent ID.

    Note: For each agent that is a NetSuite user, you need to add VCC Agent ID to the access tab. The agent id is the user name used to login to VCC ([email protected]).

  9. Click Save.


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