Case Study

Bob is the Configuration Manager administrator at ACME Jets contact center. He wants to create an online chat channel to support website visitors. He anticipates the website traffic to be heavy during peak hours, therefore, the agents should be able to handle multiple chats to meet the demand. He plans to collect some identity information such as customer’s name and account number to identify existing customers so that agents can process interactions efficiently. This information can be collected from the customers even before they are connected to the agents allowing agents to serve them faster and better.

To complete this plan Bob needs to:

The following diagram represents configuration tasks Bob must do to get started with this project:

Here is what Bob has in mind for the agents:

To plan his work better, Bob has prepared the following check list:

Task Description How to do? Completed


To create an online chat button to use during the business operational hours.

To create an online Chat Button



To create an offline chat button to direct visitors during offline hours.

To create an offline Chat Button



To create a chat invitation to proactively invite website visitors to a chat.

Designing a Chat Invitation



To create a chat form to gather information from a customer before initiating a chat.

Designing a Chat Form


An Offline form to send an email message during chat offline hours.

Designing a Chat Form


A chat window to serve as the interface between the Chatee and the agent during the chat.

Designing a Chat Window



To design the chat flow.

Enhanced Chat Script


To enable to agents to have more than one chats.

Configuring Multi-Chat


To train his agents how to use Multi-Chat.

Handling Multiple Chats in Agent Console


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