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Step 1: Set-Up your account password

Follow the "setting up your password" link within the welcome email to access your system account. The welcome email contains your account username that you'll need to do this.

Once complete, return to this page to continue the process.

Step 2: Installing the service on your Mobile and Laptop

Once you've activated your account, you are ready to install the application onto your devices, so you can make and receive calls from anywhere.

Mobile: From your Apple or Android device: Search for "8x8" on your app store. Or follow these links For Apple or For Android.
Computer: Go to our download site and install* the Virtual Office Desktop. For Windows or For Mac
Note: * You may need assistance from your company IT administrator

Once installed log-in using your system username and password.


Need Help?

Help With Your Desk Phone

Need to Contact Support

Problem with your Desk phone? Please contact your Regus Centre Team Member.

Regus Support team at 8x8 can be reached anytime from any location at:

US Toll Free - End Client Soft Phone Support (855) 279-4706

UK 0203 815 8731

Switzerland 4122 518 3323

Philippines 1800 1110 2029

International +1 (408) 956-6037

Email [email protected]