Enhanced Queued Callback

In Queued Callback, we offer the callers who are waiting in a queue, an option to opt out of the queue, but be called back when an agent becomes available to speak with them. We have introduced the following enhancements to this IVR object:

To configure Queued Callback:

  1. From the Configuration Menu, open Scripts.
  2. Scripts are grouped by media in separate tabs: Phone, Chat, Email, and Social.
  3. Go to the Phone tab.
  4. Click to edit an existing script.
  5. In the Scripts > Phone > Script, click to add the Callback object.

  6. In Callback parameters, select the number of callback tries, specify the delay time between tries in seconds or minutes, and enter the duration (in seconds, minutes, or hours) after which the callback request needs to be canceled.
  7. Click OK.
    The requested callback remains in an outbound queue for the duration of that time. Any callback attempt is prevented after the time expires. The callback request is removed from the outbound queue after Cancel Callback duration has expired.


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