Install the 8x8 integration package for SugarCRM

Installing 8x8 integration package for SugarCRM is a one-time task for the administrator. Once installed, the integration app is available to all SugarCRM agents. The integration package supports SugarCRM integration with either 8x8 Work or 8x8 Contact Center.

To install the integration package:

  1. Go to
  2. Download the 8x8 Integration Package for SugarCRM zip file.
  3. Log in to SugarCRM with your administrator username and password to open your SugarCRM dashboard.
  4. Click the admin image on the top right and select Admin to open the Administration page.
  5. Click Developer Tools > Module Loader.
  6. Click Choose File next to the Module to browse your directory. Locate and select the installation package (8x8 Integration).
  7. Click Upload. The 8x8 Integration package appears in the list.
  8. Click Install next to the installation package.
  9. Click Commit. A message notifies you that the installation has been successful. The 8x8 Integration package appears in the Module Loader and under the installed modules.
  10. Navigate to Admin > System Settings > Advanced.
  11. Click to clear the Validate User IP address check box.
  12. Click Save.