Install 8x8 integration for NetSuite 3.1

For your organization to take advantage of 8x8 integration with NetSuite, the agents can use the app after the admin has installed it.

To install NetSuite integration:

  1. Log in to your NetSuite administrator account.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of the NetSuite Home screen, hover over Customization and navigate to SuiteBundlers > Search & Install Bundles. The Search & Install Bundles screen displays. 
  3. Enter 8x8 in the KEYWORDS field.
  4. Click Search. A list of bundle names displays with the keyword 8x8 display.
  5. Select the bundle name 8x8 for NetSuite. The Bundle Details screen displays.
  6. Click Install on the Bundle Details screen.

  7. Click Install Bundle and click OK in the message pop-up box. Click Install Bundle again. The Preview Bundle Update screen displays.

  8. The Installed Bundles screen displays with a pending status next to the bundle being installed or updated.
  9. After several minutes a green check mark displays in the Status column next to the bundle name indicating that it is now installed or updated. You may need to click Refresh to update the screen.
  10. Click and navigate to Set Preferences > Telephony. The CTI URL field on the Telephony screen contains this click-to-dial URL:{phone}.
  11. Click Save to save the click-to-dial CTI URL.
  12. Click to return to the NetSuite Dashboard.
  13. Click Personalize > Custom Portlet > set up. The Custom Content prompt appears.
  14. Select 8x8 NetSuite from the Source field drop-down menu and click Save. This launches the The 8x8 for NetSuite panel.
  15. Click Click here to open 8x8 panel to launch the 8x8 floating browser.

View the CTI URL used

Let's say that after setting up the integration, a fellow admin asks you to verify that the correct CTI URL is used for the click-to-dial feature in Netsuite. You can easily access the integration setup to view the CTI link.

To view the CTI URL:

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the NetSuite Home screen, hover over Setup.
  2. From the Setup drop-down list, select Integrations > SuiteSignOn. A new page displays listing the installed bundles.

  3. Click the 8x8 integration for NetSuite bundle you installed.
  4. On the page that opens, the CTI URL displays under Connection Points.