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Handle Calls

With the Virtual Office Salesforce integration, you have full call control capabilities including transferring calls, merging three-way calls, placing calls on hold, and recording calls.

Make Calls

Users of the 8x8 Virtual Office Salesforce integration need to select an 8x8 phone to handle calls. If your Virtual Office extension uses a softphone, you must log into one of the following clients to handle calls.

Note: If your Virtual Office extension uses a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to answer calls.

Note: You can dial out using the dial pad, or use click-to-dialcapability from contacts list or call log. You can also click-to-dial from Salesforce.

When you dial out:

  1. Your extension phone rings first. Answer the call:
  2. If your extension uses a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to accept the call.
    If your extension uses a softphone, accept the call in Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app
  3. The call then dials out to the destination.

For a faster dialing experience, go to Settings and select Auto Answer Hard Phones Outbound to enable the auto answer. Clicking to dial out automatically answers the desk phone and dials out to the destination number.

Receive Calls

When you receive a call, the call control panel pops indicating an inbound call. Click Accept to answer the call if you use a desk phone. Based on your screen pop preferences, the matching contact record pops.

Note: If your extension uses a softphone, you must accept the call in the Virtual Office client app.

Screen Pop

During an inbound call, the 8x8 Virtual Office app searches for records with matching phone number in the following Salesforce objects.

End users can select one or more objects to search from. For details, check out End User Settings.

On finding a matching record, it presents the record in a separate browser tab or a window. You can preview the contact information and prepare for the call. This process is commonly referred to as screen pop.

The screen pop occurs:

Note: In Classic mode, the screen pop opens in a separate browser window.

Based on the matching records, an incoming or an outbound call can pop a single record, a list multiple records, or pop no records in the absence of matching records:

Single Match

If an incoming phone number matches an existing record, then the matching record pops. The matching contact's name and number are displayed while the call is offered. Accept the call to proceed.

Multiple Matches

In the event of multiple matching records, the call control panel indicates multiple matching records are found. Accept the call and click on the assign page to view a list of matching records. You can then select and/or open the desired record. The call log is associated with the selected Salesforce record. The name of the select record replaces "Multiple Match" in the call controls.

No Match

In the absence of a matching Salesforce record, the call control panel indicates the call is from an unknown contact. Accept the call, click the Assign tab. You can then proceed to add a new Salesforce record or search for an existing contact and then assign the call log to the record. After you save the record, the newly opened or saved record is considered as a possible match in the Search tab and selected b default.

Note: If you receive a call from an unknown contact, you must create a new record or manually assign the call log to the appropriate customer record during or after the call.

Note: There are additional call handling options. For details, see our content on Virtual Office Desktop User Guide.

Call Log

Upon terminating a call, the (Undefined variable: LocalVariables.8x8ContactCenter) app generates a call log. The call log includes information such as transaction ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A call log is created for inbound and outbound interactions and automatically saved as an Activity or Task. You can change the status of the activity to complete or any desired state.

Depending on the number of matches, call log can be linked to the end-user record as follows:

Tracking Incomplete Call Logs

If agents are busy and unable to complete the call log activity immediately after the call, they can do so at their leisure by accessing the incomplete logs by the following two methods:

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