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Overview: Virtual Office for ServiceNow

The 8x8 Virtual Office for ServiceNow integration brings your enterprise phone communications directly into your ServiceNow dashboard. You can interact with your customers via phone without having to switch to another calling app.

When you receive an inbound call, the integration app is able to determine if the caller is an existing ServiceNow user by searching your ServiceNow database. If a match is found, the corresponding record about the caller pops up on your screen enabling you to reference historical information during your telephone conversation.

When you place an outbound call, an existing user match in the ServiceNow database is displayed. You can reference historical information about your interactions with the call recipient in order to better inform your conversation.

The ServiceNow Incident Report (or call log) enables you to input all the important notes and information which you have gathered during your conversation with the user. By integrating with ServiceNow, you can use Virtual Office call control and recording features, as well as voicemail and chat.


Using Virtual Office for ServiceNow, you can:


Before You Begin

In order to use Google Chrome with the integration app, 8x8 recommends configuring the Chrome browser settings to allow pop-ups and to also whitelist the 8x8 cloud domain URL.

To prepare Google Chrome for integration use:

  1. Go to Chrome browser settings.
  2. Search for pop-up settings and select the Pop-up and redirects setting.
  3. Click Add and enter <> to the list of allowed sites.

Supported CRM Objects

The Virtual Office for ServiceNow integration supports the Users CRM object.


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