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Virtual Office Integration with Salesforce Overview

The 8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce gives you control of your 8x8 phone from within Salesforce, allowing you to combine the benefits of Salesforce with the capabilities of Virtual Office.

The application launches conveniently within Salesforce, enabling you to click-to-dial, quickly identify customers based on an inbound call (via records that pop up on an incoming or outgoing call), and improve the efficiency of logging calls. With these records, you can gain full insight into communications with any returning customer, and be prepared to follow up with them whenever they may call.


This guide is intended for Salesforce agents who use Version 3.1 of 8x8 Virtual Office app with Salesforce.


Using the 8x8 Virtual Office for Salesforce, you can:



Supported CRM Objects

The following CRM Objects are supported by default:


Before you begin using the 8x8 Virtual Office integration app, we recommend defining the browser settings in Chrome to allow pop-ups and white list the 8x8 cloud domain URL.

  1. Go to Chrome browser settings.
  2. Search for pop-up settings and select the Pop-up and redirects setting.
  3. Click Add and enter <> to the list of allowed sites. Chrome automatically saves these settings.


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