Launch Meetings in Virtual Office for CRM

With Virtual Office for CRM, you can launch productive 8x8 Meet from CRM at any time to better collaborate with your colleagues! Whether you are chatting with a single person or a team, simply click a button enabled by the integration to launch the meeting, and start inviting your colleagues.

Note: When you launch a meeting using the integration in a chat with a group rather than an individual, the button to join the meeting becomes visible to everyone in the group; be sure to launch your meeting in a chat relevant to the meeting.

Note: Virtual Office for CRM supports 8x8 Meet as well as the older 8x8 Meet experience.

To launch an 8x8 meeting from CRM:

  1. While in a chat with a contact in CRM, ensure that the 8x8 integration panel is open by clicking the 8x8 integration icon in the bottom-right corner of the web app. The integration panel launches in a floating browser window.
  2. Click the Start a Meeting icon in the chat header.
  3. An 8x8 meeting launches in a new browser tab. With 8x8 Meet, your audio and video are automatically enabled as soon as you join. In the CRM web app, the meeting link, along with other details, is posted as a message. If you launch a meeting from a group chat, the message is visible to everyone in the chat.

    If you are also logged in to the 8x8 Work, you have the option to access the meeting from Virtual Office rather than a browser tab.

Note: To invite multiple teams to a meeting, you must launch a meeting from only one team chat, and then manually copy and paste the meeting information into the other team chats. If you launch meetings from multiple team chats, you create three separate meetings with different URLs.

For details, see our content on using 8x8 Meet.