Handle Calls in Virtual Office for CRM

If your 8x8 Virtual Office extension uses only a softphone, you must log in to one of the following clients to handle calls:

Use the same credentials to log in to Virtual Office for CRM. If your Virtual Office extension is assigned with a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to answer incoming and outgoing calls.

Place Calls

You can place calls to your CRM people and Virtual Office contacts from the dial pad, list of people, or call log in 8x8 for CRM. In addition, you can click a button directly from a chat in CRM to launch calls via the integration.

Note: You can only place 8x8 calls to individual people in CRM rather than groups. When you open a group chat in CRM, you can only create meetings rather than place calls.

Note: All outbound calls are two-legged calls. When you dial out, the call dials out to you first. Once you accept the call, the call dials out to the dialed party.

To place an 8x8 call from CRM:

  1. While in a chat with a contact in CRM, ensure that the 8x8 integration panel is open by clicking the 8x8 integration icon in the bottom-right corner of the web app. The integration panel launches in a floating browser window.
  2. Click the Make a Call icon in the chat header.
  3. A call is sent to your Virtual Office extension as a two-legged call. In the primary leg, answer the call (from your 8x8 Work, 8x8 Work for Mobile, or the desk phone associated with your extension). The call is then routed to the destination party.

Receive Calls

Virtual Office for CRM enables you to receive calls from any internal or external phone number. When you receive an inbound call, the 8x8 integration panel notifies you of an incoming call and indicates if the caller is a known contact or not.

Note: To receive calls, you must have the 8x8 integration panel open.

Use Call Controls

While on a call in Virtual Office for CRM, you have access to call controls that enhance your calling experience.

Using the call controls, you can: