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Handle Calls

If your Virtual Office extension uses only a softphone, you must log in to one of the following clients to handle calls:

If your Virtual Office extension is assigned with a desk phone, use the call control panel in the application to answer incoming and outgoing calls.

About Screen Pop

During an inbound call, Virtual Office for HubSpot looks up the phone number of the caller and then searches for a matching record in the CRM. On finding a matching record, it presents the record for you to preview and prepare for the call. This process is referred to as screen pop.

Place Calls

You can make outbound calls using:

Note: All outbound calls are two-legged calls. When you dial out, the call is dialed out to you first. Once you accept the call, the call dials out to the dialed party.

Receive Calls

Based on your configuration settings, the screen pop can occur when a call is connected.

The search may return:

Log Calls

If Auto Call Log is enabled in your integration settings, Virtual Office for HubSpot saves call details to HubSpot tickets. The call log includes information such as Call ID, the time the call was answered, and the duration of the call. A ticket is created for inbound and outbound interactions and is automatically saved as a ticket in HubSpot. If the call was recorded, a link to the audio file is included in the call log.

Use Call Controls

While on a call in Virtual Office for HubSpot, you have access to call controls that enhance your calling experience. Using the call controls, you can place a call on hold, transfer the call to a colleague or a supervisor who is better informed to help the customer, add another call and merge calls for a conference, record the call, and more.


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