Get started with Virtual Office for HubSpot

Once you have access to Virtual Office for HubSpot, follow the checklist below to get started:

Log in

You can log in to Virtual Office for HubSpot at any time from your HubSpot contacts.

To log in to the integration:

  1. Log in to your HubSpot account, and go to Contacts.
  2. In the lower corner of the window, click the 8x8 button to open your integration panel.
  3. Verify that you are logging in to Virtual Office to open a login prompt.
  4. At the login prompt, enter your Virtual Office user credentials, and confirm to log in.

Activate the HubSpot integration

To activate the integration the first time you log in to it, you must first connect with HubSpot via Settings.

To activate the integration with HubSpot:

  1. Click the Settings icon in the header.
  2. Go to Integrations > HubSpot > Connect.
  3. Enter your HubSpot account email address and password, and optionally select the Remember me check box.
  4. Click Log in.
  5. If you have multiple HubSpot accounts, select the account to use in the Choose an Account screen.
  6. If connected successfully, you see the Connected page.
  7. Select integration options as desired:
    • Auto Call Log: Enable this option to automatically generate a call log. A call log includes information about the time a call was initiated, terminated, duration and more. If the call was recorded, a link to the recording is included.
    • Call Log Pop: Enable this option to view the call log pop in a browser tab once the interaction is terminated.
    • Auto Single Match Record Pop: Enable this option to pop the record details in a browser tab so the agent can preview and prepare for the call.
  8. Click X twice to navigate back to the 8x8 user interface. Your integration is now active.

Tour the Virtual Office for HubSpot interface

The Virtual Office for HubSpot interface consists of a navigation menu with the following menu items:

Under the VO tab, you can access:

  • Phone : Access your dialpad, view your active calls, and take notes to log calls.
  • Call Log : Access all historic inbound and outbound calls to the extension. From here, you can also access notes that you have created for each of your calls in HubSpot.
  • Contacts : Access contacts from HubSpot and the 8x8 Virtual Office contact directory.
  • More : Click to access the following option:
    • Logout: Log out of the app.
  • Settings : Customize your app settings.
    • Integrations > HubSpot: Manage your HubSpot integration settings for call logging and screen pop. Connect or disconnect Virtual Office for HubSpot to your HubSpot account.
    • Locale: Specify your locale.
    • Report a problem: Provide feedback on Virtual Office for HubSpot or contact 8x8 Support.
    • About: View details on your 8x8 extension and Virtual Office for HubSpot.

Under the Search tab, you can search for contacts by name, phone number, or email address. When the desired record is located, clicking on the contact phone number places an outbound call to them.