Upgrade to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro

Familiarize yourself with the basic features of 8x8 Video Meetings Pro, and upgrade your team to Pro in just a few clicks!

To upgrade to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro:

  1. In your 8x8 Video Meetings app on web, desktop, or mobile, click or tap your profile icon at the top-left of your screen to open your profile summary.
  2. In the profile summary that opens, click Upgrade to Pro to open the upgrade page in a new browser tab.

    Note: You can also find this button on the right side of your app's calendar screen, or in the header of your 8x8 Video Meetings admin screen when you go to Settings > Meetings Admin.

  3. In the upgrade page that opens, review payment information and the additional features your team will have access to via 8x8 Video Meetings Pro. To start with a one-month trial period before you need to pay, click Continue to open a prompt for your billing information.
  4. In the billing prompt, fill in your billing information, and confirm to return to your admin settings with Pro enabled. Welcome to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro!

Downgrade to Free

If you decide to downgrade from 8x8 Video Meetings Pro, go to Settings > Meetings Admin > Billing, and click Downgrade to Free.

Next steps

Once you are registered:

  1. Meet instantly in your browser.
  2. For additional access to 8x8 Video Meetings, download:
  3. Schedule meetings.
  4. Join meetings.
  5. Learn about your in-meeting experience.