Note: This feature is available to Virtual Office and registered Standalone users, but not to guests who have not signed in.
For details on 8x8 Video Meetings features available to different user types, click here.

Secure your 8x8 Video Meetings and add passcode

If you have started a meeting with 8x8 Video Meetings, you have the ability to make your meeting more secure by setting a passcode for participants or by randomizing your URL for scheduled meetings.

Let’s say that some people have left your organization recently, and they have access to the URL of the meeting space you use. By taking steps to secure your meeting, you can ensure the confidentiality of information in your meeting!

Secure meetings via passcode

To make your meeting secure by setting a passcode, you can:

- A passcode set during a meeting lasts until the last person leaves the meeting, at which point the passcode is removed.
- A passcode that you set for your own personal meeting space persists across all sessions unless you change it. Any in-meeting changes to the passcode apply until the last person in the meeting leaves, at which point the passcode returns to what you entered in your settings.

Secure meetings via randomized URL

Want to ensure the security of your meetings without setting a passcode participants need to remember? Simply randomize your meeting URLs for a different variation on your personal meeting space URL every time you schedule!

To randomize your meeting URLs:

  1. In your application Settings:
    • In your Virtual Office desktop app, go to Meetings > Personal meeting space.
    • In your 8x8 Video Meetings Standalone desktop app, go to Calendar & Scheduling > Scheduling Meetings.
  2. Select the format for meeting URLs generated when you attach a meeting to a calendar event:
    • Randomized ( Scheduled meetings use the person's personal meeting space URL as a base, but each meeting URL ends with three randomized alphanumeric characters (such as "").

      Note: A partially-randomized meeting URL does not preserve any passcode you might have set for your personal meeting space, since the URL is different.

    • Static ( All scheduled meetings use the same URL as the person's own personal meeting space (such as "").