Note: This feature is available to 8x8 Video Meetings Pro users with access to meeting admin settings, and to Virtual Office administrators via Configuration Manager or Meetings in the 8x8 Application Panel.

Access analytics for 8x8 Video Meetings as an administrator

As a team leader with access to 8x8 Video Meetings admin settings, get an overview of your team’s 8x8 Video Meetings usage and quality at any time!

At a glance, access information on:

For details on the meeting statistics you see for your team, see the Callstats FAQ on conference metrics.

To access analytics for 8x8 Video Meetings:

  1. To open your meeting analytics:
    • As a team leader in 8x8 Video Meetings Pro:
      1. Open your 8x8 Video Meetings Settings .
      2. From your list of settings, click Meetings admin to open your administrator settings in a new browser tab.
    • As a Virtual Office administrator:
      1. In your browser, log in with your 8x8 credentials to open your 8x8 Application Panel.
      2. In the Application Panel, go to Meetings or Virtual Office Config Mgr > main menu > Meetings.
  2. In the 8x8 Meetings settings page that opens, click the Analytics tab to open the analytics page for your team in 8x8 Video Meetings.
  3. In the Analytics page, access information on how many meetings your team had within a day, week, or month, how long those meetings were, whether participants experienced call quality issues, how many participants had difficulty joining, and more!