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Note: Version 6.5 of the Virtual Office desktop app is currently in Beta. If you are not running a Beta version of the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, see what's new for the latest generally-available version of the app!

What's New in the Virtual Office Desktop App 6.5 Release for Beta Users?

We are introducing the following enhancements and changes for Beta users of the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app 6.5 release:

Support for Jabra, Plantronics, and Sennheiser Built-In Call Controls

Take advantage of call control support for Jabra, Plantronics, and Sennheiser headsets without any need to install additional software! Answer, disconnect, and mute Virtual Office calls easily via the usual built-in controls on your headset.

To enable built-in call control support, open the Settings tab, go to Audio & Video, and enable the slider for Enable built-in call controls.

For details, see our content on built-in headset call controls.

For Plantronics Headset Users

If you are currently using Plantronics headset integration via the Plantronics Hub software, enabling the new call control support setting causes conflicts with Plantronics Hub. To ensure integration, you can:

Note: Call control integration with Plantronics headsets works best when the headset is connected to only one device.

Ability to Always Keep Application Window on Top of Your Desktop

If you frequently move between Virtual Office and many other applications on your desktop, you may find it harder to access the Virtual Office desktop app quickly. You can now keep the app on top of your desktop by enabling or disabling the application’s always-on-top behavior via a new control in the Settings tab.

For details, see our FAQ on keeping Virtual Office on top of your desktop.

Ability to View Callee Information

In addition to the existing ability to view caller information on inbound calls, you now have the ability to pull up information on the callee number that a caller is trying to reach! Let’s say you are receiving calls for an organization that has different phone numbers for each of its departments (such as Sales or Support), and need to know which department a caller is trying to reach. By enabling callee info pop-up in the Virtual Office desktop app, you can provide the best customer experience by immediately knowing which department your caller was trying to reach.

Based on which site or app you use to manage your customers, simply enter an appropriate URL with a search query that targets the phone number of the intended callee; this enables you to pull up information based on the number, giving you better insight during the conversation.

For details, see our content on caller and callee information pop-up.

New Global Keyboard Shortcut for Call Hangup

In addition to your existing global keyboard shortcuts, you now have the ability to edit the shortcut for hanging up calls in the Virtual Office desktop app!

For details, see our content on using and managing Virtual Office keyboard shortcuts.

Ability to Test Audio from the Call Using Screen

Instead of going to your audio settings every time you need to test the audio of a speaker, microphone, or headset, you can simply test right from the Call Using tab when you switch to a different device. Next to the device selection drop-down, click the Test audio icon to test your audio on the selected device.

For details, see our content on selecting and testing audio devices for Virtual Office.

Introducing Access to Self-Training Content from the App

Got a question about the Virtual Office desktop app? Want to learn what's new in the latest version of the app? You can now access short training videos in addition to the helpful FAQs, deep-dive user guide, and Support Center. Open the Help menu in your header, and click Watch Free Training Videos to use self-training content.

Support for Spell Checking in All Supported Languages

The Virtual Office desktop app now supports spell checking across all localized languages, such as Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, and more!

For details, see our list of languages supported by the Virtual Office desktop app.

Support for UTF-8 Characters in Contact Search

We have improved our character support in the Virtual Office desktop app; if you or your organization uses UTF-8 characters (such as Arabic letters or Chinese characters) in contact names, you can now search for contacts that use these characters.

New Application Color for Pre-Release Users

If you are using a pre-release version of the Virtual Office desktop app, such as a version that is in Beta, your version of the app now looks slightly different to indicate its pre-release status.

Once your version of the app is released to a general audience, the interface color changes back to standard, and the pre-release label in the application window header disappears.

Improvements to Messages

The following enhancements apply to your messaging experience in the Messages tab.

Support for Silent Mentions in Chat

Let's say you want to identify a member of another team in your one-on-one or private group chat. Simply begin typing the colleague’s name, select the correct entry from the list, and send. This way, you silent-mention the colleague without calling their attention.

A colleague is silent-mentioned instead of @mentioned if they are:

To look up a person you remember as “Robin S”, for example, type <@robin s> until you see a result in the list that you recognize as correct. If you see an additional line of text below their name in the mention selection list, such as “Will not be mentioned (not a member)”, you know that you are about to silent-mention your colleague instead of @mentioning them.

For details, see our content on mentioning contacts in chat.

Ability to Retry or Discard Failed Messages

If you are messaging a contact, and you have a poor connection, your message may fail to send. You now have the ability to resend a failed message instead of typing it out again, or discard the message altogether if you already managed to speak with your contact via other means.


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