Use IM and SMS messages

The 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app enables you to send and receive messages via desktop or mobile with your colleagues or with external contacts. Do you want to make your messages more effective by attaching a file you are discussing, emphasize key parts of a message, or even take a particularly important conversation to the next level via 8x8 Video Meetings? Virtual Office messaging allows all of this, and more!

The advanced noise management capability of the app automatically detects which computer or device the user is accessing more actively to send and view messages, and suppresses notifications on the less-active device.

Note: IM is available for all 8x8 customers, while SMS messaging is currently available only for phone numbers in the United States and Canada.

For details on messaging a group of people, please refer to how you can use:

Important: Depending on your organization's requirements for the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, you may have access to Team Messaging or to group chat.