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Use Host-Only Rights

By default, the user who schedules and organizes a meeting via 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings is made the meeting host; if needed, the original host can grant host rights to other participants by making them co-hosts in the meeting.

In addition to the typical meeting controls accessible to participants, hosts receive special rights that allow access to additional meeting controls, such as the abilities to:

Grant Host Rights

If you are creating or hosting a meeting, you can mark other users as co-hosts of the meeting, granting them all the rights available to a meeting host.

To add a co-host to a meeting:

  1. Go to Meetings > My Meetings.
  2. Click the desired meeting to review the meeting details.
  3. Under Advanced Settings in the meeting details, click Add to open the contact directory.
  4. From the contact directory, search for the desired co-host(s), and click to select them.
  5. Once you are finished selecting all desired co-hosts, click Add to mark them as co-hosts for the meeting.


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