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Share Meeting Video

With 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings, meet face-to-face in an HD video and audio experience. We offer face-to-face web conferences with industry-leading HD audio technology and optional HD video. When bandwidth is constrained, 8x8’s resilient HD video automatically adjusts to deliver high resolution and fidelity with low latency, even over Wi-Fi and public Internet.

We feature dynamic video that detects the current active speaker, and displays their video more prominently as they present or contribute in a meeting. If you want to manually change which speaker shows up more prominently, you can pin a specific participant's video to the dominant position, or un-pin to have the active speaker show up automatically.



HD video is available based on your subscription.

To share video in a meeting:

  1. While in a meeting, click the Start Video icon to see a preview of the view from your camera, then confirm to begin sharing video.
  2. When you want to stop sharing video, click the Stop Video icon.

To edit video settings:

  1. In your main meeting window, click the More Options icon to open a menu.
  2. From the menu, select Audio Options to open audio settings.
  3. Select whether you want to join audio using your computer audio devices or your phone.

To pin or un-pin participant video:

  1. In your main meeting window or in the list of participants, hover over the video of a participant you want to pin for better visibility.

    Note: If a participant starts sharing content, the shared content is pinned automatically and takes priority over participant video. However, you can still pin participant video to make it more visible than the shared content.

  2. Click the Pin icon that appears next to the participant to pin their video to the most prominent video slot in your meeting window. If any participant's video was pinned previously, it is automatically un-pinned when you pin a new participant's video.
  3. To un-pin a pinned participant, hover over the participant's video again.
  4. Click the Unpin icon that appears next to the participant to allow the current active speaker to display automatically.


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