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Record Meetings

Let’s say you are hosting an important meeting or presentation via 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings that not everyone will be able to attend live; as a meeting host, you can simply record the meeting for future reference. After recording, hosts can share their recordings with other participants. You can access meeting recordings from the details page of the desired meeting.



To record a meeting:

Note: By default, you have 1 GB of free storage (up to approximately 35 hours of audio) for audio and shared content recording. For your convenience, your storage capacity is automatically upgraded in 1 GB increments if you go over your default limit. If you have access to Classic Mode, you can track your current storage capacity.

To record in meetings for future review:

  1. In your main meeting window, click the More Options icon to open a menu.
  2. From the menu, select Start recording. An announcement plays for all participants, stating that the meeting is being recorded.
  3. To stop recording, click the Recording in progress icon in the header to open a drop-down menu.
  4. From the drop-down, confirm that you want to stop recording. An announcement notifies all participants that the meeting is no longer being recorded.
    A host can end recording at will, or continue recording for the duration of the meeting; even if all hosts leave the meeting, recording continues until the end of the meeting if it is not switched off manually.
  5. After the meeting ends, hosts can access meeting recordings and distribute them to participants:
    1. In the Meetings tab, go to My Meetings, and select the desired meeting to view meeting details.
    2. Click the Meeting recordings drop-down to open a list of recordings. Recordings are labeled to show whether they contain content sharing with audio (MP4 file) or only audio (AU file).
    3. Hover over the desired recording, and click the Download icon to save the recording to your computer. Once the recording has finished downloading, you receive a notification in the corner of your screen.
    4. From your computer, you can review the recording, and email other participants the recording for future reference.


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