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Join Meetings

Whether you are scheduling the meeting, joining as an existing user of the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, or invited to the meeting as an external guest, you are able to join a meeting event in the way that is most convenient and efficient for you. Once you join a meeting, you can choose how you want to join audio in the meeting.

For details, see how you can join:

Join as a Participant

As a Virtual Office user invited to a meeting, you can easily join a meeting event from your email invitation, or from the Meetings tab in the Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app. If you are invited from within an active meeting, you can also join from a chat invitation. To join audio-only, you can dial in via phone.

Join as an External Guest

If you are not a Virtual Office user, you can still join a Virtual Office meeting either online, via your existing in-room conference system, by dialing in to a meeting to join as an audio-only participant, or by downloading the Virtual Office desktop app and entering the Meeting ID without having to log in.

Join as a Host

As the person who creates and schedules the meeting, the host can join the meeting from their list of meetings under the Meetings tab in the Virtual Office desktop app or Virtual Office mobile app, from the calendar they used to schedule the meeting event, or by joining audio-only via phone.

Join Using in-Room Systems

Let’s say your organization uses in-room conferencing systems to facilitate team and company meetings. As an in-room system user, you can take advantage of your usual system and the features of 8x8 Virtual Office Meetings.

To join a Virtual Office meeting via in-room system, simply click the in-room conferencing link shared in the meeting email invitation for details on how you can join. For information on using your in-room conference systems, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions.




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