Create Meetings with the Outlook Plug-In

8x8 Video Meetings integration with Microsoft allows Virtual Office users to create, view, and manage meetings from within Microsoft Outlook. Users can choose from a wide variety of email servers to connect with Outlook, and send email invitations for 8x8 Video Meetings from any connected address.

Important: In order for integration with Microsoft to function, ensure that you are using a version that is compatible with your current version of the Virtual Office desktop app:
-Download version 6.1.2 of the plug-in for calling with Skype for Business.
-Download version 6.0 of the plug-ins for meetings with Outlook and calling with Outlook.


At this time, the following are not available in the Outlook 8x8 Video Meetings plug-in:

Log in to the Plug-In

Depending on which version of integration with Outlook you are using, you may need to log in to some components manually:

Use the Outlook Plug-In

In Outlook integration with 8x8 Video Meetings, you can:

View Additional Information

For information on the integration, please refer to: