About 8x8 Video Meetings

8x8 Video Meetings offers you a flexible web and audio conferencing experience that turns ordinary phone calls into productive meetings.

Access a personal meeting space that can be used to schedule or instantly launch meetings, dial-in access from over 50 countries, meeting streaming to an unlimited audience, and much more!


8x8 Video Meetings is available to the following types of users:

Features in 8x8 Video Meetings

Based on your user type, you have access to a different variety of features. For details on all features, see the feature lists for Virtual Office and Standalone users!


8x8 Video Meetings feature

Guest user

Registered user

Virtual Office user

Unlimited free meeting access for up to 50 participants at a time

Access to a personal meeting space

Set a custom meeting domain for your team

Integration with your preferred calendar app

Make your meeting more secure by setting a passcode or randomizing your meeting URL

Access to a list of past meetings you attended, and meeting resources such as recordings and audio transcripts

Record meetings

Invite participants via email address or phone number

Join a meeting via phone call internationally

Stream meetings live via YouTube

Share on-screen content with participants

(from web)

(from desktop apps and web)

(from desktop apps and web)

View real-time audio subtitles in meetings

(in English)

(in English)

(in English)

Chat with participants publicly or privately

As a desktop or web participant, remotely control the desktop of a desktop app participant to walk them through a computer task they have a question on

(from desktop apps or web to desktop)

(from desktop apps or web to desktop)

(from desktop apps or web to desktop)

Empower the existing hardware of a conference room with 8x8 Video Meetings capability via 8x8 Meeting Rooms

Automatically access all people in your organization for communication and collaboration via 8x8 Video Meetings

Launch 8x8 Video Meetings from a chat with a contact or a group of contacts

Promote phone calls to 8x8 Video Meetings

Note: If your organization does not enable creating or joining meetings in the Virtual Office desktop app, you do not have access to meetings from within Virtual Office.