About faxes

With Internet Fax in the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, your fax service is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Send business faxes directly to a company contact's Virtual Office extension, where the contact can access them from their desktop or mobile app at any time. You are able to send virtually any document on your computer as a fax, and manage past and received faxes from the convenience of your desktop.

Note: The content in this guide refers to versions 6.9 and older of the Virtual Office desktop app. If you're using a version higher than 6.9, see our content for version 7.0 and onward!

Before getting started, set up convenient fax notifications: In your fax settings, you can choose whether to receive email notifications when you send or receive a fax. You can configure these notifications to be text-only, choose to include a link to access faxes, attach the fax itself to the notification, or all three. If you choose to include fax attachments, faxes up to 200 pages in length can be attached.