Know your contacts

You can access all of your company, personal, and favorite contacts in the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app by going to the Contacts tab. With one or two clicks, you can call, chat with, send a fax to, or meet with a contact, or view their contact details (such as email address and additional phone numbers).

Company contacts

When you first begin using Virtual Office, you have access only to the contacts on your company phone system. When needed, you can also create personal contacts using external phone numbers, and add company or personal contacts to your list of favorites for quick access.

Your company contacts are populated from your company phone system. You have a large amount of flexibility in communicating with company contacts; you can send messages, emails, and faxes, call via phone number or 8x8 extension, and invite to 8x8 Video Meetings. You are visible to your company contacts through their company contact lists, and your presence status is reflected in the company directory as well.

You cannot change your own contact details in the company directory, but you can still change your profile image, presence status, and custom status message through your profile screen.

My contacts

If you frequently call numbers outside of your company directory, you can use those numbers to create easily-accessible personal contacts. Personal contacts are visible only to you, and can be edited as needed. In addition, you can import contacts from Google and Microsoft Outlook.

Favorite contacts

If you communicate with a company or personal contact frequently, you can add them to your list of favorite contacts for quick access. You can go into a contact’s details to mark them as a favorite contact, and then access them from your list of favorites.