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Note: Version 6.4 of the Virtual Office desktop app is currently available to all users. If you are a Beta user with access to a more recent version of the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, see what's new for Beta users of the app!

What's New in the Virtual Office Desktop App 6.4 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app 6.4 release:

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Ability to Quickly Change Audio Device during a Call

Let’s say that Robin began a call via the computer’s built-in speakers, but now wants to switch to a paired Bluetooth headset for better audio quality; Robin can now select from all devices paired with the computer, and the option to switch call audio to a fully-external device (such as a desk phone) is now hidden during a call already taking place via softphone.

If you need to change your audio device (such as a headset or speaker) while on a call in the Virtual Office desktop app, click the Call Using tab to select from the microphones and speakers associated with your computer without switching away from the softphone.

For details, see our content on selecting your audio device for a call.

Enhanced Contact Directory Experience

When you open the Contacts tab, the Virtual Office desktop app now brings up your last-viewed sub-tab instead of defaulting to your company contacts. In addition, when you filter contacts by department or location, your filter settings for your company contacts are remembered whenever you open the Company sub-tab.

Your filter settings and last viewed sub-tab (such as Favorites) persist across app restarts and login sessions.

For details, see our content on accessing contacts and filtering company contacts.

Ability to Import and Search for Email-Only Google Contacts

When you import contacts from your Google directory, you now also import Google contacts without phone numbers, such as those with only an email address attached.

Let's say that Pat is a Sales representative who frequently communicates with contacts outside of the company, and uses Virtual Office as a way to launch emails with imported contacts on demand. If Pat imports contacts from Google, these contacts no longer need to be associated with a phone number in Google in order to show up in Virtual Office. With a click of the contact's email address in their Virtual Office contact details page, Pat can quickly launch their computer's default email app to get started on a new sale with any contact from Google!

For details, see our content on importing contacts.

Improvements to Messages

The following enhancements apply to your messaging experience in the Messages tab.

Ability to Search Room History

Let’s say you are looking for an important communication that took place some time ago in a crowded chat room; to quickly find what you are looking for, you can now pull up a search for the individual or team chat you currently have open.

When viewing the history of an individual or room chat, you can now bring up a search screen to look for specific messages in the history of that chat.

For details, see our content on accessing and searching chat history.

Improved Emoji Library in Chat

You now have the ability to access a larger emoji library with user-friendly search, and quickly select from your list of frequently-used emojis.

New Labels for Messages Sent via Sameroom Integration

Let’s say your colleagues use shared rooms connected via Sameroom for chat; you can now tell at a glance whether a message was sent from a Virtual Office user in your organization, or from a source connected via Sameroom (such as from a different app or from a Virtual Office user outside of your organization).

In chat rooms that are connected to Sameroom, messages not sent from your company contacts via Virtual Office (such as by a Sameroom bot) show up with a “via APP API” label to distinguish them from messages sent from your company contacts via Virtual Office.

For details, see our content on using chat rooms.

What's Changed in this Release?

In addition to the improvements above, the following item has changed in version 6.4 of the Virtual Office desktop app:

Removed Ability to Archive Chat Rooms

Starting with version 6.4 of the Virtual Office desktop app, you no longer have the ability to archive a chat room.


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