What's New in the Virtual Office Desktop App 6.7 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app 6.7 release:

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Enhancements to Calls

The following enhancements apply to your calling experience in the Calls tab.

New Incoming Call Banner

Let’s say you work on multiple monitors at once and can’t find which screen an incoming call notification is on, or that you simply don’t like pop-up notifications in the middle of your screen; you can now disable the pop-up in favor of our new in-app banner notification! To simplify your incoming call experience, just disable the pop-up notification in your settings.

Note: When an incoming call rings, the app does not pop up if it is hidden or minimized; instead, the app icon in the toolbar flashes.

To switch off your pop-up notification for incoming calls and see only the in-app banner notification, simply go to > Notifications > Calls, and disable Launch external popup for incoming calls.

For details, see our content on setting up Virtual Office notifications.

[Windows only] Ability to Highlight to Dial Numbers in Other Apps

Let’s say you have a list of contacts to call in another app on Windows (such as customers in a spreadsheet), but it’s slow to enter these numbers manually or copy and paste them into Virtual Office; you now have a much quicker way of making these calls! You now have the ability to highlight a phone number outside of the Virtual Office desktop app with your cursor, and enter the key combination Ctrl+Shift+8 to call the number without dialing it manually!

Note: At this time, vanity numbers (such as “1-800-BUY-HERE”) are not supported.

For details, see our content on using keyboard shortcuts.

[Windows only] New Default Keyboard Shortcut for Hanging up a Call

If you are a Windows user, the default keyboard shortcut to hang up a call is now Ctrl+Shift+H in order to no longer conflict with the Ctrl+H shortcut found in Notepad.

For details, see our content on using keyboard shortcuts.

End of Life for Virtual Office Meetings

If you are running version 6.7 of the Virtual Office desktop app, say goodbye to the old Virtual Office Meetings experience; now, enjoy the new 8x8 Video Meetings experience for more powerful and flexible collaboration than ever before! Take advantage of HD audio and video, content sharing, synchronization with multiple calendar apps, personal meeting spaces, live streaming, and much more!

For details, see a full list of the powerful features available in 8x8 Video Meetings.

Ability to Open Multiple Chat Windows

Need to message multiple people at once, but find it inconvenient to switch back and forth between conversations? You now have the ability to open multiple chat panels in the Virtual Office desktop app when you switch to Expanded Mode or enlarge the app window! You can open up to nine chat windows if your application window is large enough; if your app window is smaller, you can open up to four or two panels at once, or just one. If you try to open more chat panels than your app window allows, the most recent chat you clicked replaces the oldest chat you clicked.

To enable multiple chat windows, simply go to Settings and enable the option to Open multiple chat windows.

[Windows only] New Location for “About Virtual Office” Information

Need to find out which version of Virtual Office you’re running as a Windows user? You now find version details about your Virtual Office desktop app in a new location. To align with Windows standards, the About Virtual Office menu item now appears under the Help menu rather than the Virtual Office menu.