Note: Version 6.9 of the Virtual Office desktop app is currently available to all users. If you are a Beta user with access to a more recent version of the 8x8 Virtual Office desktop app, see what's new for Beta users of the app!

What's new in the Virtual Office desktop app 6.9 release?

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Note: The content in this guide refers to versions 6.9 and older of the Virtual Office desktop app. If you're using a version higher than 6.9, see our content for version 7.0 and onward!

Enhancements to calls

The following enhancements apply to your calling experience.

Enhanced incoming call pop-ups

When your Virtual Office desktop app is minimized and detects an incoming call, the on-screen incoming call pop-up now has better usability and a new look!

In addition to showing you whether you are being called via your extension or DID number, you now see multiple pop-up notifications for simultaneous incoming calls, as you do with your in-app incoming call banner notification. On Mac, these pop-up notifications now show up on top of any full-screen windows you may have open as well!

For details, see our content on placing and receiving calls.

Enhanced in-call controls

Enjoy a more efficient in-call experience; immediately know the functions of each call control without needing to hover over it for a tooltip, and access more of your in-call functionality in just one click!

In addition, all instances of the Meet Now icon (such as when launching a meeting from a chat, contact details screen, or call log with a company contact) now reflect the version of the icon used in your call controls.

Streamlined direct call transfer from call logs and contact list

During a call, you now have the ability to blind-transfer the active call to a contact directly from the Contacts tab, or to any number in your call logs under the Calls tab rather than needing to initiate the transfer from within the call controls.

For details, see our content on transferring calls.

Enhancements for Windows

The following enhancements are specific to the Virtual Office desktop app on Windows.

Ability to quit the application via taskbar icon

Need to quickly quit the Virtual Office desktop app on Windows without logging out of the app? You can now do it even when the application is minimized; just right-click the application icon in your taskbar to open a menu and select Quit.

Ability to switch presence status via taskbar icon

For a quicker way to switch your presence status, you now have the ability to select your Virtual Office presence status by hovering over the application icon in your taskbar and selecting from the statuses that show up!

Select from:

For details, see our content on selecting presence statuses.

Moved application menus to profile panel

On Mac or Windows, take advantage of an improved experience in your profile panel! You now have the ability to access feedback, help, and support content from your profile.

On Windows, the in-app menus that previously showed up at the top of the app are now nested under your profile panel. On Mac, the menus remain at the top of your screen.

The contents of the following menus on Windows have moved as follows. If you need to access the previous menus and locations, select the Virtual Office desktop app and press the Alt key to temporarily reveal the menus.

New proactive user notification for Do Not Disturb status

You no longer need to worry about enabling Do Not Disturb and forgetting to switch it off, resulting in missing incoming calls when you are no longer busy; while you have the Do Not Disturb status enabled, a banner notification displays in the Virtual Office desktop app so you don’t miss communications once you’re no longer busy. If you close the notification, it reappears when you move to a different tab.

For details, see our content on selecting presence statuses.

Enhanced feedback control

Let’s say that you have a suggestion on a part of the app you took a screenshot of, or suggestions on multiple parts of the app; when submitting feedback on the Virtual Office desktop app, you now have the ability to delete the screenshot automatically attached to the feedback and replace it with one, two, or three of your own!

If the screenshot you see automatically attached to your feedback isn’t relevant to what you have to say, or perhaps your feedback doesn’t require a screenshot at all, you can remove the image. Similarly, if you need more than one screenshot to illustrate your suggestion, you can attach up to a total of three images, up to 10GB each!

For details, see our FAQ on sending feedback.

[X Series and Virtual Office Editions] Enhanced behavior for opening account settings

If your organization is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer, some of your settings now open up in an improved browser experience rather than within the Virtual Office desktop app:

The first time you open one of these settings, you are prompted to enter your Virtual Office credentials in your browser.

For details, see our content on navigating your settings.