Configure Version 3.1 of Integration for Salesforce

Virtual Contact Center now supports Open Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) with support for Single Sign-On access from the native Salesforce environment. Salesforce users can launch 8x8 Virtual Contact Center with just a click while in the Salesforce application, and take advantage of the benefits of integration.

Install and Configure Single Sign-On Integration

Note: Version 3.1 of 8x8 Virtual Contact Center integration with Salesforce only supports Single Sign-On for users with 8x8 Unified Login, and 8x8 Unified Login with Virtual Office. If you use a legacy Virtual Contact Center tenant, Single Sign-On functionality is not supported. Salesforce Professional Edition is not supported.

Setting up Salesforce for Single Sign-On integration with 8x8 Virtual Contact Center requires the Salesforce administrator to: