Note: This feature is available to 8x8 Meet users with access to meeting admin settings, and to 8x8 Work administrators via 8x8 Admin Console or Meetings in the 8x8 Application Panel.
For details on 8x8 Meet features available to different user types, click here.

Access analytics for meetings as an administrator

As a team leader with access to 8x8 Meet admin settings, get an overview of your team’s 8x8 Meet usage and quality at any time!

At a glance, access information on:

  • Meeting participation:
    • How many meetings your team set up in the past day, week, or month
    • How many meetings are currently ongoing
    • How many participants (on average or in total) attended meetings
    • How many meetings had:
      • One or two participants
      • Three to five participants
      • Six or more participants
  • Meeting duration:
    • How long your team’s meetings are (on average or in total)
    • How many meetings were wrapped up in five minutes or less, thirty minutes or more, or in between
  • Meeting connectivity:
    • How many meetings were successfully or unsuccessfully set up in the past day, week, or month
      • Totally failed meetings occur when no connections are successfully established between any participants in a meeting. This typically indicates that participants were unable to join the meeting due a Media source error, Negotiation failure, Transport failure, or other type of issue.
      • Partially failed meetings occur when connections for only some participants fail to establish. This occurs only in meetings with three or more participants because, in a two-participant meeting, if one person fails to join, the conference is listed as Totally failed.
    • How many meetings resulted in Dropped conferences, in which no participants rejoin and the call ends. Meetings drop when all connected users lose connectivity after successfully establishing a connection, typically due to local network or firewall issues.
    • How many meetings were dropped and rejoined by participants, resulting in Conferences with churn. Meetings experience churn when a participant experiences poor network connectivity, and leaves and rejoins the meeting in an attempt to solve the issue.
    • Whether any participants had difficulty joining meetings
  • Meeting quality:
    • Whether any participants experienced poor meeting quality due to network and media issues
    • Whether participants gave good or poor meeting feedback
  • And more!

For details on the meeting statistics you see for your team, see the Callstats FAQ on conference metrics.

To access analytics for 8x8 Meet:

  1. To open your meeting analytics:
    • As a team leader in 8x8 Meet:
      1. Open your 8x8 Meet Settings .
      2. From your list of settings, click 8x8 Meet Console to open your administrator settings in a new browser tab.
    • As an 8x8 Work administrator:
      1. In your browser on desktop, log in with your 8x8 credentials to open your 8x8 Application Panel.
      2. In the Application Panel, go to Meetings or Admin Console > main menu > Meetings.
  2. In the 8x8 Meetings settings page that opens, click Analytics to open the analytics page for your team in 8x8 Meet.
  3. In the Analytics page, access information on how many meetings your team had within a day, week, or month, how long those meetings were, whether participants experienced call quality issues, how many participants had difficulty joining, and more!