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Add Passcode in a Meeting

If you have started a meeting with the New Meetings Experience, you have the ability to make your meeting more secure by setting a passcode for participants.

Let’s say that some people have left your organization recently, and they have access to the URL of the meeting space you use. By including a passcode whenever you start a meeting and sharing it with intended participants, you can ensure the security of confidential information within your meeting space.

- A passcode set during a meeting lasts until the last person leaves the meeting, at which point the passcode is removed.
- A passcode set from the Virtual Office mobile app under More > Settings > Your personal meeting space persists across all sessions unless you change it. Any in-meeting changes to the passcode apply until the last person in the meeting leaves, at which point the passcode returns to what you entered in your settings. This passcode only applies to your personal meeting space.

To set a meeting passcode in the New Meetings Experience:

  1. Click the Meeting info icon to open meeting details. If you are on the Virtual Office mobile app, tap the More actions icon first to access this option.
  2. In the meeting details, you can see whether there is already a passcode set for the meeting. Then:
  3. Enter the desired passcode, and confirm. Your meeting now prompts participants to enter a passcode before joining.
  4. Provide this passcode via chat or email to meeting participants when you invite them, as the passcode is not included in your clipboard when you copy your meeting information.


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