Set Default Forwarding Rules

The default call forwarding rules direct inbound calls to the extension user's voicemail when the user's network is down, the user's phone line is busy, and when calls aren't answered for a certain number of seconds. You can change this call forwarding treatment as desired by editing the default rules.

To access the default Call Forwarding rules:

  1. Click from the bottom toolbar.
    Select Virtual Office >Settings from the L'application de bureau Virtual Office menu.
  2. Go to Call Forwarding > Default Rules.
    The Default Rules page opens.

  1. You can change your default call forwarding rules for the following three scenarios:
  2. Click Edit next to your chosen scenario, and choose the default forwarding behavior:
  3. Click Enable Call Screening to enable this option on your call forwarding destinations when your network is down.
  4. Click Save.


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