Overview: 8x8 Cost Center

With 8x8 Cost Center, you can manage the billing needs of your phone system effectively. Whether you want a single consolidated monthly bill for all your offices, review the phone system cost for each office, create a custom bill, or assign services and assets to your cost center, you can do it all via 8x8 Cost Center. A cost center allows you to keep track of expenses for each department, site, or location. For example, if your company has offices in multiple geographic locations, you can create a cost center for each site and track the expenses individually.


  • Manage your company’s phone system billing needs efficiently.
  • View a single consolidated bill for all your offices.
  • View the breakdown cost for each office or department.
  • Manage cost centers in a hierarchical manner in line with your organizational structures.
  • Create a custom bill by building a cost center tailored to your needs.
  • Take advantage of improved bulk update capabilities for cost center management using a CSV template.
  • Take advantage of improved asset management for billing using CSV templates.
  • Name a contact and payment method for each cost center to better manage billing notifications and statements.
  • Assign cost centers at the user level.
  • Search users (by name, email ID, and phone number) and assign cost centers to them.
  • Search assets (by license ID, and product name) and assign cost centers to them.


This guide is intended for 8x8 Cost Center administrators.


8x8 Cost Center is available to all new and existing mid-market and enterprise customers. For small businesses, contact your 8x8 sales representative.