Record phone interactions

8x8 Contact Center agents can record their phone interactions with customers for different purposes, such as quality assurance. Because recording a phone interaction uses some amount of your contact center's recording storage space, always consult your contact center supervisor before using the recording feature. Your supervisor provides you with specific examples that you can use this feature. You may utilize recording feature per your supervisor's instructions, and if your contact center has enabled you to record phone interactions.

Note: If enabled by your administrator the call recording will be stopped once the last agent leaves the call transferred via a warm transfer or a conference call.

Depending on your call recording permission, you may see:

  • Start Call Recording: If you have the permission to start call recording, when a call connects, the Control Panel shows the recording button . You can click the button to start recording the call at any time. The recording button is highlighted while a recording is in progress.
  • Start and Pause Call Recording: When a call connects, the Control Panel shows the Recording button and a Pause button . Click the Recording button to start recording, and click Pause to pause the recording.
  • No Recording Controls: If you do not have recording permissions, the Control Panel does not show any recording control buttons during a call.

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