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Read on for potential issues and their fixes.

Ensure the Salesforce User's Work Phone is Entered

All salespeople who are being monitored by Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics must have their full 8x8 phone number entered into the main Phone field of their Salesforce user profile.

Analytics does not function properly if the main Phone field is not filled out in user details. To access user details, go to Setup > Manage Users > Users, select the desired user, and choose to edit their profile.

8x8 phone numbers associated with user phone extensions can be found in 8x8 Account Manager under Phone System > Extensions > View All Extensions.

Use Opportunity and Lead Information for Your Sandbox

If there is no data on opportunities or leads, then the Sales Category chart appears with no data for any of the columns from Leads through Omitted.

Ensure Your Salesforce Hierarchy is Up to Date

You may encounter issues in viewing your team members, or members of other teams, when viewing their analytics pages.

Let's say that employees are not appearing in your Team View page, skewing your results, or that you are using Periscope and see that employees are not appearing in the Team View page of another team. This may be because:

To add a manager to a user:

  1. Go to Setup > Manage Users > Users.
  2. Edit the desired user.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the User Edit page, add the correct manager under Approver Settings, and Save.


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