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Before You Begin

Before you begin, you need:

Choose Salesforce Environment

If you are using a sandbox environment, make sure it contains opportunity data. If your sandbox does not contain opportunity data, then you will not be able to see many of the capabilities available.

You can install the beta version of the application in a production or sandbox environment, but in either case, the application only pulls data from Salesforce, and does not change any existing data.

Know Your Salesforce Hierarchy

The application reuses your hierarchy in Salesforce to define who can see whom. For example, Sales Leader Sally can see her 10 direct reports. Virtual Office for Salesforce Analytics copies this hierarchy so that Sally can see her team analytics page, and each of her employees has their own employee analytics page.

To optimize team performance, it is important that the Salesforce hierarchy and manager assignments are established and up to date. Otherwise, employees do not appear in the correct team leader's team analytics page, and continue to be visible in the team that they no longer belong to. This is important both for managers viewing their own teams, and for managers using the Periscope feature in Salesforce.


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