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Make Call Recordings

Using the Virtual Office online app, you can record incoming or outgoing calls.

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go to My Services.
  3. Scroll to Call Recording.

    You can configure call recording settings using the following options:
    Always RecordAutomatically record all calls with no further action required.
    Record On-DemandChoose to record selected calls.
    To Other PartyPlay the other party an announcement when the call is being recorded.
    To MeHear an announcement when the call is being recorded.

To record an incoming or outgoing call on demand:

  1. During an active call, click to start recording.
  2. If enabled, the system announces to you and/or the other party that the call is being recorded.
  3. To stop recording, click or end the call.
    You can conduct the call using your desktop phone and still record using your computer as long as you are logged into your Virtual Office online app account and click on the softphone.


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