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Record Calls

In Virtual Office Pro, users can record their incoming or outgoing phone calls, play back, download, and delete recordings. Call recordings are stored and accessible from the History tab. Calls to your 8x8 extension can be recorded on demand using either the Virtual Office online app or your desk phone. You can also set your call recording preferences to record all phone calls automatically. You can download each call recording to your local computer for permanent storage. You can also leave the recording on the 8x8 server if desired.

To view your current storage usage and recordings:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go to Media Usage. The current media usage of call recordings and meeting recordings is displayed, along with the available space.

Set Call Recording Preferences

You can set your call recording preferences from your Virtual Office settings.

To access call recording settings:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Go to My Services.
  3. Scroll to Call Recording.
    You can choose whether to record calls on demand or to record all calls, and configure audio notifications to announce the start and end of a recording.

Note: Call Recording needs to be enabled on your account before you can use this feature. Ask your phone system administrator to enable this service.



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