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Tour the Virtual Office Online App Interface

The Virtual Office online app presents an intuitive user interface with simplified navigation for better user experience.

The user interface is divided into:


The user interface of the Virtual Office online app can switch between two modes: Full mode and Compact mode. The functionality of the application is identical across the two modes. In compact mode, the application size shrinks and uses less real estate of your screen.

The Virtual Office online app launches in Full Mode by default. You can switch to Compact Mode with just a click. In the header area, click to switch to Compact Mode. You can further shrink the app by collapsing the window.

Navigation Icons

Icon Functionality
Allows access to your Corporate Directory, recent contacts, personal contacts, and your social contacts.
For details, see how to Manage Contacts, and how to Use Your Contact Directory.
Allows you to create and manage your Virtual Office meetings.
For details, see Virtual Office Meetings Overview.
Allows access to your softphone which allows you to make calls, receive calls, and handle multiple calls.
For details, see Use Your Virtual Office Softphone.
Allows you to send and receive faxes, and view the sent and received faxes.
For details, see Use Your Internet Fax.
Lets you view history of all your interactions using the Virtual Office. This includes all calls, voicemails, chats, faxes, and meetings.
For details, see Access History.
Lets you define your extension settings.
For details, see Configure Settings.


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