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Configure My Services

The Virtual Office online app not only allows you to access your Virtual Office Softphone, but gives you the ability to configure your Virtual Office services online. You can view and change your preferences for your caller ID, voicemail, call recording*, Internet fax*, music on hold, and view what your current plan includes.

Note: * indicates services that are available only for Virtual Office Pro users.

To access your service options:

  1. Click Settings.
  2. Select My Services.

The settings for your services allow you to manage:

Option Functionality
External Caller ID Change the number displayed on outgoing calls from your extension. The administrator can control the numbers available for your extension. Calling as shows the name displayed on outgoing calls from your extension.
Voicemail Settings Choose how to receive voicemail notifications such as via attachment, link, or on-screen notification. You can disable notifications altogether.
Call Recording Choose to record your calls, and play the recording announcement to the other party or to yourself.
Internet Fax Select an Internet fax number. You may choose the type of notification you want upon receiving a fax, and the type of confirmation email you want upon sending a fax.
Music On Hold You may be able to change your hold music if the administrator has given you the necessary permission.
Current Plan View the services included in your Virtual Office plan, such as your storage capacity and whether you have Virtual Office Meetings and/or the Virtual Office mobile app.


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