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Set up Notifications

The Virtual Office online app provides improved notification for incoming calls, chats, voicemails, and faxes. You can choose to be notified of an incoming interaction via audio or visual alert, or by having the application window pop to the front of your desktop. You can also keep alerts onscreen to help you not miss incoming interactions when you are away from your screen.

To access notification settings, click Settings.

The task bar icon for the Virtual Office online app flashes yellow (Windows) or bounces (Mac) for notifications. The system tray icon (Windows) or launcher icon (Mac) shows the number of new messages you've received.
You can customize your notifications via the following settings:

Option Functionality
Play Sound plays an audio notification of an incoming call, message, voicemail, or fax.
Show Alert displays an alert box in the lower-right corner of your screen.
Switch to Phone brings the Phone page to the front for incoming calls.
Pop up Window creates a pop-up window containing your messages.
Switch to Voicemail brings the Voicemail page to the front.
Switch to Fax brings the Fax page to the front.


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