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View Contact Details

You can view compact or detailed information of a contact in the directory by selecting a desired viewing option from the View menu in the Contact Directory:
To access the View menu in the Contacts tab, click for a drop-down menu of the following viewing options:

Compact View

The Compact View shows the following data from left to right:

Detailed View

The Detailed View shows the following information:

Note: Your phone system administrator determines the information available in Detailed View. You can customize the Detailed View by selecting the desired information. For details, refer to Customize the Detailed View.

Customize the Detailed View

You can customize the default setup of a detailed contact view. Your phone system administrator determines the contact detail fields available at the extension level. By default, the Detailed View of a contact includes their department and location.
To customize the default setup, click Customize in the View menu. The Customize Detailed View screen appears. You can choose up to four tags to display from the following:

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