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What's New in the Virtual Office Mobile App 8.0 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the Virtual Office mobile app. For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Simplified Management for Voicemails and Call Logs

We have introduced a quicker way for you to manage your voicemails and call logs! As an iOS user, you can now swipe left on a call log or voicemail to manage it individually, or swipe right to manage multiple list items in addition to the selected call log or voicemail.

For details, see our content on deleting call logs and voicemails.

New Notifications when Cellular Data is Disabled

If you have disabled cellular data in the Virtual Office mobile app, you see a banner in the app to let you know that the setting is disabled. You can use this banner to quickly open your settings once your cellular network quality improves.

In addition, if people repeatedly try to call you while you have cellular data disabled, the Virtual Office mobile app notifies you that callers are trying to reach you.

For details, see our content on managing your cellular data.

New Notifications for Deactivated Accounts

If your Virtual Office account is deactivated and you try to open the Virtual Office mobile app, you see a notification that your account has been deactivated. Once you dismiss the notification, you are logged out of your account.


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