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What's New in the Virtual Office Mobile App 7.6 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the Virtual Office mobile app:

Notifications for Upcoming Meetings with Synced Calendar

Don't miss a single upcoming Virtual Office meeting! When you sync your Meetings tab with your device calendar app, you receive device notifications for your upcoming meetings from the Virtual Office mobile app, ensuring that you stay on top of your schedule. Swipe on the notification and confirm to view options for joining the meeting or reviewing meeting details.

Meeting notifications are controlled via a new setting; to find it, open the More tab and go to Settings > Notifications.

For details, see our content on meeting notifications.

Ability to Jump to Current Day in Synced Calendar

When you sync your Meetings tab with your device calendar app, you can quickly navigate to today's meetings with a tap of the Today icon, enabling you to quickly find your place in your schedule.

In-Chat New Message Notifications

If you have a chat open when you receive a new message in another chat or room, you see a notification dot appear over the Back icon. The dot is colored bright orange to indicate a new message in a one-on-one chat, or pale orange to indicate a new message in a chat room. This notification disappears once you go back to your list of messages.

Ability to Mark Chats as Read

You can now easily mark a room or individual chat as read without opening it; this helps you prevent clutter in your chat history if you already know what some conversations in your message list are about. You can mark SMS messages as well, such as spam or messages mistakenly sent to your number.

Note: Marking a chat as read only marks it as read to you; other people in your chats do not see the latest messages as read by you.

For details, see our content on marking conversations as read.

Ability to Mark Messages as Unread

Just as with email, you can mark a message within a chat as unread so you can return to it later. If you have yet to get around to an action item that came up in a chat, you now have the ability to mark the message that talks about that item as unread, enabling you to return to the item later.

Note: At this time, reopening an unread chat does not jump to the specific message you marked as unread; the ability to mark the chat as unread simply functions as a way to remind you that something in the chat is on your to-do list.

For details, see our content on marking messages as unread.

Ability to Copy Message Text

You now have access to an improved way to copy message text in your conversations without needing to highlight text manually; just press on a message, and select Copy text from the resulting menu to copy the message text to your clipboard, allowing you to paste in any application.

For details, see our content on copying message text.

Silent Notifications with Do Not Disturb Status

When you have the Do Not Disturb status enabled, notifications for messages now show up without playing audio on your device.

Cellular Assist Now Known as Cellular Minutes

The ability to use your cellular voice plan in addition to your data network for calls has been renamed to be more user-friendly.

Previous Releases

What are the settings to revisit?

As the Virtual Office mobile app has received a major update in version 7.0, the settings available to you have been reorganized. Make sure to revisit the settings important to you to make sure they are configured properly under Settings in the More tab.

After your upgrade to version 7.0, the following settings may have changed:


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