What's New in the Virtual Office Mobile App 8.3 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the Virtual Office mobile app:

For details on features introduced prior to this release, see our list of previous releases.

Ability to Promote Calls to Meetings

Let's say you're on a call with a company contact and your call is getting more involved; you can bring the other party into a meeting with one or more of your colleagues who can discuss an important matter with them. When on a Virtual Office call, you can immediately promote the call to a productive 8x8 meeting, and bring the other party into the meeting!

Note: This enhancement applies to users of 8x8 Video Meetings; users of older experiences retain their earlier ability to promote calls to meetings. To determine which meeting experience your organization uses, see details on 8x8 Video Meetings and Virtual Office Meetings.

Note: In order for the other party on a call to be brought into an 8x8 meeting, they must be on the call via one of the following or newer:
-Version 8.3 of the Virtual Office mobile app
-Version 6.6 of the Virtual Office desktop app
If the party is on the call using an older version of Virtual Office, they join only meeting audio when you initiate a meeting, and are not taken to the meeting interface.

For details, see our content on using 8x8 Video Meetings.

Ability to Sort and Filter Contacts by Site instead of Location

If your organization is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer, the option to sort company contacts based on location is replaced with an option to sort based on site.

In addition, let’s say you only communicate with company contacts in your own office; you now have the ability to filter out all contacts outside of your site!

For details, see our content on sorting and filtering contacts.

Ability to Jump to the First Unread Message in a Chat

Let’s say a subject comes up in your team’s chat room that you want to mark as unread for yourself as an item to return to later; the next time you open the chat, you now have the ability to jump back to the message you marked for yourself!

When you jump to the message you marked as unread, the message appears under a New messages indicator in your chat history.

For details, see our content on marking messages as unread.