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What's New in the Virtual Office Mobile App 7.8 Release?

We have introduced the following enhancements and changes in the Virtual Office mobile app:

Ability to Search for Contacts via Partial Names

When you use the search box, regardless of whether the name you enter is complete, you see a list of search results that narrow down as you type. In addition, if you need to get in touch with a colleague whose name you don't remember completely, you now have the ability to search for a contact by entering independent fragments of their first and last name.

Refreshed Dial Pad Interface

The dial pad in the Calls tab, as well as the keypad you access from within a call, now show up with a refreshed interface.

You can now paste numbers more easily by double-tapping the number entry field when it is empty.

If the number you enter matches the number of a company or personal contact in your contact directory, the name of the matching contact shows up. If you enter a number not associated with any contact, you have the option to save the number as a new contact.

Ability for Organizations to Disable Voicemail Transcripts

If your organization has disabled voicemail transcripts, you no longer see transcripts appear for your voicemails.


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