Previous Releases

The following features and enhancements were introduced in previous versions of the Virtual Office mobile app:

Release 7.6
  • Notifications for upcoming meetings with synced calendar: Don't miss a single upcoming Virtual Office meeting! When you sync your Meetings tab with your device calendar app, you receive device notifications for your upcoming meetings from the Virtual Office mobile app, ensuring that you stay on top of your schedule. Swipe on the notification and confirm to view options for joining the meeting or reviewing meeting details.

    Meeting notifications are controlled via a new setting; to find it, open the More tab and go to Settings > Notifications.

  • Ability to jump to current day in synced calendar: When you sync your Meetings tab with your device calendar app, you can quickly navigate to today's meetings with a tap of the Today icon, enabling you to quickly find your place in your schedule.

  • In-chat new message notifications: If you have a chat open when you receive a new message in another chat or room, you see a notification dot appear over the Back icon. The dot is colored bright orange to indicate a new message in a one-on-one chat, or pale orange to indicate a new message in a chat room. This notification disappears once you go back to your list of messages.

  • Ability to mark chats as read: You can now easily mark a room or individual chat as read without opening it; this helps you prevent clutter in your chat history if you already know what some conversations in your message list are about. You can mark SMS messages as well, such as spam or messages mistakenly sent to your number.

    Note: Marking a chat as read only marks it as read to you; other people in your chats do not see the latest messages as read by you.

  • Ability to mark messages as unread: Just as with email, you can mark a message within a chat as unread so you can return to it later. If you have yet to get around to an action item that came up in a chat, you now have the ability to mark the message that talks about that item as unread, enabling you to return to the item later.

    Note: At this time, reopening an unread chat does not jump to the specific message you marked as unread; the ability to mark the chat as unread simply functions as a way to remind you that something in the chat is on your to-do list.

  • Ability to copy message text: You now have access to an improved way to copy message text in your conversations without needing to highlight text manually; just press on a message, and select Copy text from the resulting menu to copy the message text to your clipboard, allowing you to paste in any application.

  • Silent notifications with Do Not Disturb status: When you have the Do Not Disturb status enabled, notifications for messages now show up without playing audio on your device.
  • Cellular Assist now known as Cellular Minutes: The ability to use your cellular voice plan in addition to your data network for calls has been renamed to be more user-friendly.

Release 7.5
  • Calendar view for meetings: At a glance from within the Virtual Office mobile app, you can review and access all upcoming and past Virtual Office meetings scheduled in calendar apps such as Google Calendar. In addition to meetings you host, you can view meetings you are invited to. To sync with your calendar apps, open the Meetings tab, and accept the prompt to sync your calendar.

    For details, see our content on setting up your meetings calendar.
  • Ability to promote calls to meetings: Let's say you're on a call with a company contact, or that your call is getting more involved; you can bring the other party into a meeting with one or more of your colleagues who can discuss an important matter with them. When on a Virtual Office call, you can immediately create a productive Virtual Office meeting, and bring the other party into the meeting. If you are talking to two other Virtual Office users in a conference call, you can also bring both of them into a three-person meeting with you!

    Note: If the other party in the call is taking the call via the following versions of Virtual Office, they receive and must accept the meeting invite via chat or email, instead of being brought in automatically:
    -Version 7.4 or earlier of the Virtual Office mobile app.
    -Version 5.8 or earlier of the Virtual Office desktop app.

    For details, see our content on promoting a call to a Virtual Office meeting.

  • Option to silence incoming Virtual Office calls while staying logged in: When you need to silence your calls, instead of logging out, you can simply enable your Do Not Disturb status; incoming calls are forwarded to voicemail, but you can still receive chat messages in cases of emergency. When you try to log out, you are now able to confirm whether you want to log out, or enable Do Not Disturb instead.

    Note: Calls are forwarded to voicemail by default; if you have changed your call forwarding settings, your calls may be forwarded to another location.

    For details, see our content on using the Do Not Disturb status.

  • Consolidated Messages tab: To help you stay on top of your latest messages, your individual and team chats now show up directly under the Messages tab in a combined scrolling history, eliminating the need to jump between sub-tabs. See at a glance whether you were last messaged in a chat with an individual contact or in a chat room, and prioritize your responses more efficiently!
  • Renamed tab: The Recents tab has been renamed to Messages.
  • Support for Latin American Spanish localization: We have added localization support for Spanish in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    For details, see our content on supported languages for Virtual Office.
Release 7.4
  • Announcing Team Messaging: With Team Messaging, collaborate with your colleagues via chat more effectively than ever before! Create chat rooms on demand, stay up to date on your team's latest discussions, bring multiple teams together to collaborate, and much more! Your chat rooms can be found under Rooms in the Recents tab.

    In our examples, let's say that Sarah's fictitious organization, AcmeJets, uses Team Messaging. Sarah's Sales team (which includes Rob, Lisa, and John) is one of many teams within AcmeJets that can collaborate using Team Messaging, and make use of its features to accomplish tasks more effectively.

    • Public and private chat rooms: With Team Messaging, you can create a public room that can be accessed by anyone at any time, or create a private room that is only accessible to certain colleagues. Whether you want to stay up to date with all your colleagues, or share sensitive information with a smaller group, you can do all this and more!

      Let's say that Sarah must collaborate with her global team more effectively to ensure that the team meets its goals. The team shares critical information, and holds an ongoing discussion across multiple time zones, which warrants multiple meetings. Sarah doesn't have the time to meet often, so she sets up a private room for her team, and invites all her team members to facilitate communications. Now, her team can discuss and post information in a convenient chat room.
      On the other hand, Sarah is also collaborating on a public release where she is one of many core team members tracking the progress of the release. To stay up to date, all core team members follow a public chat room created exclusively for the release.

    • Ability to invite colleagues to private chat rooms: As a member of a private room, you can invite colleagues relevant to the conversation to bring them into your discussions; a fully-collaborative experience allows any member of a private room to invite a new member.

      Note: For added security, an invited colleague has access to the chat history of the private room starting with the time they were invited.

    • Ability to mention colleagues to get their attention: If you need to alert a group member on a release deadline, ask for their input on your current discussion, or bring a new person into a public chat room, you can get their attention at any time by simply typing <@> before their name (for example, <@John Smith>). In a public room, you can @mention any of your company contacts, while in a private room, you can only @mention colleagues who are members of the room.

      John, a Sales agent in Sarah's team, needs to send his manager Sarah a brief spreadsheet on the sales progress for the customers he is negotiating with; as John's deadline approaches, Sarah can alert him via @mention to make sure he is on schedule with the document.

      When you are @mentioned in a chat room, you receive a special notification with an @ label to indicate that a colleague is requesting your attention in a chat room.

    • Notifications for messages and changes: Has your chat room been renamed, or have new colleagues been invited to your private chat room? Whenever something about a chat room changes, you are notified in your chat history for that room. In addition, you can choose to be notified of all messages in a room to stay up-to-date, or reduce interruptions when you are busy by choosing to be notified only when you are mentioned.

      Let's say that the Acmejets Sales team is hiring new agents; as new agents are hired, Sarah or another person in her team can add them to her team's private chat room. Whenever a new agent is added to the chat room, existing members of the chat room are notified that their new colleague has access to the team's discussions.

    • Quick access to chat room details: By opening the details page of a chat room, you can see the room type and name, as well as the member list for a private room.
    • Better collaboration via shared rooms: Using 8x8 Sameroom, connect with your colleagues or clients who use other chat applications (such as Slack, Hipchat, or Google Hangouts) via shared rooms. With Team Messaging and Sameroom, connect with all your colleagues under a streamlined chat experience! You can even use shared rooms that are connected to the Virtual Office chat rooms of another organization that uses 8x8. You can see whether your chat room is also a shared room next to the room's public/private label, and in the details page for the room.

      The AcmeJets engineering team communicates with contractors outside of their company; once the engineering room is connected to the contractors' usual chat app via Sameroom, the engineering room is labeled as a shared room, and the engineers can collaborate seamlessly with their contractor colleagues.

    • Ability to hide conversations from your personal chat history: If you want to clean up old business messages and SMS spam messages from your chat history, you can simply hide them on your end. When you hide a chat room or conversation, you do not delete it; other people involved in the hidden chats still see the conversations and chat rooms in their chat history.

      Note: You can hide chat rooms and chat conversations with individuals, but you cannot hide specific messages within a chat conversation or chat room.

  • File attachment access from chats: If a colleague attaches a file or image in a chat from the Virtual Office desktop app, you can quickly view and access these files by tapping them in the same chat from the Virtual Office mobile app.

    Note: At this time, you cannot attach a file or image in a chat from the Virtual Office mobile app.

  • Streamlined Meetings tab: Enjoy a new experience in your Meetings tab! With a click, access and stay on top of your meetings, and collaborate more effectively. When you open the tab, you always see your list of meetings first; you can then choose to open a listed meeting, create a new meeting, or join a meeting using a Meeting ID.
Release 7.3
  • Enhanced feedback experience: When you send feedback, you can now attach additional screenshots of the app from your device to better illustrate your feedback, or remove any screenshots that may present a privacy concern.
  • Improved number formatting: Enjoy a smoother experience when calling back numbers of any format from within a call log.
  • Renamed tab: The Messages tab has been renamed to Recents.
  • Announcing upcoming team messaging: In an upcoming release, take advantage of the new and improved team messaging experience!
Release 7.2
  • Ability to invite business contacts in meeting by email: From within your meeting, invite participants outside your organization simply by typing their email address in the Invite Participants field; you can now invite last-minute participants to weigh in on meeting discussions without going outside of Virtual Office to open your device calendar app.
  • New messaging platform with improved reliability: Enjoy a smoother chat experience on our new messaging platform.
  • Refreshed interface: The Virtual Office mobile app has a new look; your icons have been updated to be more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Additional changes:
    • Chat history reset: IM history is available from February 2018 onwards, and SMS history is available starting with April 2018. If you need to access an important older message, you may log in to the Virtual Office online app to open your complete message history.
    • Ability to delete chats not available: You are no longer able to delete chats from your message history. In addition, if you have deleted messages starting February 2018, you will see the messages in your chat history again once you update to version 7.2.
Release 7.1.2
  • Ability to create contacts from call or chat history: Do you want to quickly convert a number from a call log or chat message into a personal contact for easy access? You can now create a contact from an existing phone number and caller name in just a few taps, or add the number as new information to an existing contact.
  • Ability to prevent clutter in your device call history: If you open your device call history to look for an important personal call earlier in the week, you may lose valuable time if your call history is full of Virtual Office business calls. To prevent this problem, you can disable future Virtual Office calls from showing up in your device call history.
  • More detailed voicemail history: In addition to the date you received a voicemail, you can now view the time the voicemail was received. If you receive a large number of voicemails, you can now distinguish more easily between multiple voicemails received from the same caller on the same day.
  • Improved app synchronization: Improved synchronization for your meeting list between the Virtual Office mobile app and Virtual Office desktop app.
Release 7.1.1
  • Improved localization for supported languages: If you are accessing the Virtual Office mobile app in a language other than American English, enjoy an improved localization experience in your language.
  • Faster contact status loading in the contact directory: Stay more up to date than ever before on the availability of your company contacts.
  • Better communication experience: In this release, we have fixed bugs and added stability improvements to your meeting, call, chat, and voicemail experience.
Release 7.0

Release 7.0 contains the following versions of the app:

Version 7.0.10
  • Call redirect for users who reach your voicemail: Let's say you're unavailable for calls, but you have a teammate who is willing to answer questions addressed to you while you're away. If your organization is an X Series or Virtual Office Editions customer, you can now give callers a secondary number to redirect to when they reach your voicemail box.
  • Improved calling for international users: Let's say you work for a company based in the United States, and your company phone system is based in the United States as well, but you work from the United Kingdom. You can now have a UK-formatted phone number associated with your user extension, even though all your colleagues have US-formatted phone numbers; this lets you continue calling your company contacts using your extension number, and allows you to call phone numbers local to the UK without incurring international charges.
Version 7.0.9
  • Ability to record and access Virtual Office meetings: Record Virtual Office meeting audio and shared content from the convenience of your Virtual Office mobile app. If participants miss the meeting, or if you need to remember meeting highlights, you can easily download your meeting recordings from the Virtual Office desktop app, and share the recording with participants.

    Note: Only meeting hosts can record meetings.

  • Ability to quickly find contacts in your department or office: You can now quickly find teammates and colleagues in your office without having to sort through the entire company directory. Simply sort your contacts by department or location under Company in the Contacts tab.
  • Ability to quickly open device calendar you used to schedule meetings: To view Virtual Office meetings that you have already scheduled via your device calendar app, you can open your device calendar directly from the app under My Meetings in the Meetings tab.
  • Ability to respond quickly to Virtual Office chats while in an active Virtual Office meeting: Need to respond to an urgent message in the app while you are in a meeting? You can now minimize a Virtual Office meeting without leaving it; meeting audio continues in the background as you navigate the rest of the app. In addition, you can tap a Virtual Office chat notification while in a meeting to quickly open the chat conversation.
  • Improved ability to join a meeting from a calendar or email invite: Instead of routing you through a browser page when you tap the link of your Virtual Office meeting, you directly launch the meeting in your Virtual Office mobile app.
  • Improved ability to view whether an IM has been read: When viewing an IM message, you can more easily see whether your message has been successfully sent to a contact, or if the contact has already read it. Messages have a white background when you first send them, and fill in with color once the message is successfully sent. Once the other party reads the message, the message is labeled as Read.

    Note: SMS messages continue to show only whether your message has been sent.

  • Ability to preview or share faxes: Want to enjoy flexibility in viewing or sharing received faxes? You can now preview or share faxes directly from the Virtual Office mobile app.
  • Language support: You can control your application language from your device settings. In addition to US English, the Virtual Office mobile app is now available in:
    • Dutch
    • English (UK)
    • Finnish
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • German
    • Italian
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Swedish
Version 7.0.5
Version 7.0.2
  • Search for company contacts by location; easily distinguish users based on whether their office is in New York, London, or elsewhere.
  • If your company has third-party contacts in an external directory (such as Microsoft Exchange) and wants them to show up in Virtual Office, they can display the third-party contacts so that you can see them alongside your coworkers under Company in the Contacts tab.
  • View a brief introduction to the new Virtual Office Meetings experience when you create your first meeting, and when you first try to view your hosted meetings.
Version 7.0

What's new in 7.0: Welcome to the new Virtual Office mobile experience! Take advantage of the following all-new features, as well as changes to existing features.

  • Enjoy a brand new user experience! Easily move between chats, calls, and meetings using an elegant, intuitive, and responsive user interface.
  • Access all your user information with a tap of your profile image icon. In your profile:
    • Take or upload your photo for use in the app.
    • View your 8x8 phone number and extension.
    • Set your status and write a custom status message.
    • Log out of the application.
  • Experience the new Virtual Office Meetings:
    • Say goodbye to one-time meetings that expire! Now, you can create Virtual Office meetings that stay active; use them to schedule calendar events via your native device calendar app.
    • Add Virtual Office meetings to a scheduled event in your device calendar app, or share them using external apps on your device.
  • View and edit Virtual Office permissions in your device settings quickly; just go to Settings > Device Settings in the More tab.
  • Access your improved call logs, now stored on the 8x8 communications cloud. Your list of call logs shows all your incoming and outgoing call history starting with April 2017.

What's changed in 7.0: We have introduced the following enhancements to existing features. Additionally, refer to our list of features new to 7.0.

  • See the status of IM messages to users within your company. Know at a glance whether your message has been sent, received, and read, and enjoy improved message history synchronization between the Virtual Office desktop app and Virtual Office mobile app.
  • Use the convenient unified Calls tab to access call logs and voicemails. Enjoy improved voice quality under poor data network conditions, and call log synchronization between the Virtual Office desktop app and Virtual Office mobile app.
  • Create Virtual Office meetings that stay active, instead of one-time meeting events that expire; use meetings to schedule via your native device calendar app.
  • Find all Call Mode and network settings under Settings > Data and Network Options in the More tab.
  • Set your call forwarding preferences under Settings > Account Settings > Call Forwarding in the More tab.
  • Log out of the Virtual Office mobile app from your profile page.

What are the settings to revisit in version 7?

As the Virtual Office mobile app has received a major update from version 6.4 to version 7.0, the settings available to you have been reorganized. Make sure to revisit the settings important to you to make sure they are configured properly under Settings in the More tab.

After your upgrade to version 7.0, the following settings may have changed:

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