About Voicemails

How do I access and manage voicemail?

You can access your Virtual Office voicemail directly from the Virtual Office mobile app, or by dialing in from any extension in your phone system.

To access and manage voicemails from the app:

  1. In the Calls tab, go to Voicemails to see your voicemail list.
  2. Tap the desired voicemail to listen to it and access voicemail controls:
    • Play and Pause : Play or pause voicemail audio.
    • Call : Place a call to the number that sent you the voicemail.
    • Speaker : Switch between the speakers on your mobile device to choose your voicemail audio source.
    • Delete : Delete the voicemail.
    • More : Access additional options:
      • Create New Contact to start creating a new contact; the number and caller name (if one exists) are automatically filled in.
      • Add to Existing Contact to add the number and caller name (if one exists) to an existing contact. At the prompt, select the personal contact to update.
      • Mark Unread: Mark the voicemail as unread to return to it later.
      • Share: Share the content of the voicemail via another app on your device.
      • Message: Send a message to the number that sent you the voicemail.

To access and manage voicemails via phone:

In addition to accessing voicemail through the Virtual Office mobile app, you can dial in from any extension in your phone system to access your voicemails or change your voicemail greeting.

For details on navigating the voicemail menu, you can view the 8x8 Voicemail Quick Reference Guide.

Why are all my calls going to voicemail?

There are two reasons your calls might be going to voicemail:

  • You might have enabled Do Not Disturb for your user profile. Make sure that your presence status is not set to Do Not Disturb, and check that you have not set yourself to DND by entering a key shortcut in your desk phone.
  • You might have enabled a call forwarding rule that forwards all incoming calls to voicemail. Disable call forwarding, or change your call forwarding rules to ensure that calls reach you when you are available.
Why do I not hear an audible alert when my voicemail notifications come in?

You may not be hearing your Virtual Office notifications for one of the following reasons:

  • If you have set your status to Do Not Disturb, notifications for messages, faxes, and voicemails are visible but muted on your device, and all your calls are sent to voicemail.
  • Regardless of your in-app sound settings when you open the More tab and go to Settings > Notifications > Sounds (which control only the ringtone on incoming calls), if you disabled notification sounds under More > Settings > Device Settings, you hear no sound upon receiving a notification for a new message, fax, or voicemail.
How do I delete a voicemail?

If you want to clean up your voicemail list in Virtual Office, you can delete voicemails individually or in bulk. Voicemails deleted from the Virtual Office mobile app are also deleted in the Virtual Office desktop app.

To delete voicemails:

  1. In the Calls tab, go to Voicemails.
  2. Swipe left on the desired voicemail, and tap the Delete icon that pops up. The voicemail is marked to be deleted.
  3. If you want to delete additional voicemails, tap the desired voicemails to mark them.
  4. To delete the selected voicemails, tap Delete.

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