Use IM and SMS Messages

Virtual Office enables you to enjoy an intuitive and efficient experience as you exchange messages with colleagues on your company phone system, personal contacts, chat groups, and external numbers under the Messages tab. Chat with company and external contacts, exchange files to facilitate your discussions, and more!

Send messages with contacts in your company phone system via IM (displays in blue), and send messages with external contacts and numbers via SMS (displays in green). Depending on whether a message is an IM or SMS, your ability to track the message changes: SMS shows you whether your message was successfully sent or not, and IM messages also marks a message as Read once it is read by the other party. Note that once your colleague replies, the label on your previous message disappears. From an IM, you can invite a contact to a Virtual Office meeting, or accept meeting invites from the contact.

Note: IM is available for all 8x8 customers, while SMS messaging is currently available only for phone numbers in the United States and Canada.


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