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Tour the Meeting Interface

Virtual Office Meetings allows you to schedule, host, and participate in a flexible meeting experience from your desktop.

In the Virtual Office meeting window, you have access to the following controls and features:

Control or Tab Function
Mute: Mute yourself without disconnecting from other users’ audio in the meeting. If you have not yet joined meeting audio, click the Join Audio icon that displays in place of the Mute icon to hear and be heard by meeting participants.
Share VideoOpen a video stream via your computer camera.
Share ContentPresent information to others in the meeting by making your desktop (or the desired application window) visible to participants.
More Options: Open additional controls for the meeting. You can:
  • Connect or disconnect audio to change your audio output.
  • Open the window to view video, if a participant is sharing video using their camera
  • Open the window to view shared content, if a participant is sharing content from their computer desktop.
  • Access your audio and video settings to switch between the available microphones, speakers, and cameras on your computer.
  • As a host:
    • Enable or disable meeting notifications that play when participants join or leave the meeting. You must be a meeting host to access this option.
    • Start or stop recording audio and shared content in the meeting. You must be a meeting host to access this option.
  • Access online help and information for Virtual Office Meetings.
  • Send written feedback to 8x8, with a screenshot and debug log attached automatically.
  • Leave the meeting. If you are a meeting host, you can choose to keep the meeting running after you leave, or to end the meeting for all participants.
Participants tab View and invite meeting participants, if enabled by the host, and open private chats with individual participants. If you are a meeting host, you can use the participant list to mute or remove participants, and stop other users' content sharing.
Chats tab Chat with other participants, and participate in the meeting's group chat, available to all participants if enabled by the host.
Info tab View the details of the meeting, including who is hosting the meeting, who has been invited to the meeting, the time the meeting began, and the dial-in numbers and Meeting IDs associated with the meeting.


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