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Invite Participants

Virtual Office allows you to invite participants both while scheduling a meeting, and while a meeting is in progress. By default, participants, as well as hosts, can invite people to a meeting. The host scheduling the meeting, however, can prevent participants from inviting others by changing the advanced settings of the meeting.

The maximum number of participants you can invite to a meeting differs based on your company's subscription.

To invite participants while scheduling a meeting:

  1. As a host, create a new meeting using Virtual Office and add it to your calendar, or select an existing meeting to schedule.
  2. While in the meeting details:
  3. While scheduling the calendar event, invite participants as normal.
  4. Save the calendar event to send invitations to all the participants you added.

To invite participants from within a meeting:

  1. Join a Virtual Office meeting.
  2. In the Participants tab of the meeting window, type the name of the company contact to be invited.
    As you type, the search results narrow down in a list that pops up.
  3. Next to the desired participant's name, click the Chat icon to send a chat invitation.
  4. The participant receives a clickable meeting invitation via chat.

Send and Accept Meeting Invitations via Chat

You can invite a company contact to a quick Virtual Office meeting while you are chatting with them; just click to start a meeting from your chat with the contact, and they see a clickable invitation in their chat with you.

Similarly, when you are invited from within an active Virtual Office meeting or from within a chat, you see a meeting invitation in your chat history with the contact who invited you. When you see the invitation, you can join the meeting with a single click.

To start a meeting instantly via chat:

  1. Go to Messages or Groups in the Messages tab to open your list of chats.
  2. Click the contact or group you want to meet with.
  3. While in the selected chat, click the More icon next to the chat name to open a drop-down menu.
  4. From the drop-down, select Meet Now to launch a Virtual Office meeting and send an invitation to the contact or contacts.

To join a meeting event via chat invitation:

  1. Go to Messages or Groups in the Messages tab to open your list of chats.
  2. Click the chat where you were invited to the meeting.
  3. In your chat history, click Join in the invitation to join the desired meeting.
    The meeting launches.
  4. When prompted, state your name and confirm to join meeting audio.


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