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Dial in to Meetings from Anywhere

Virtual Office Meetings is designed with high mobility in mind so that the user isn't restricted to a single place, device, or phone number while using their client. Under Settings > My Profile, you may add multiple phone numbers to your profile. You may switch between these numbers in real time during a meeting, or temporarily add a new number, should a participant suddenly need to reconnect their audio from a different device.

For example, Bob is currently in a meeting on his laptop. However, the battery is very low, and Bob doesn't want to miss any part of the meeting. In this case, Bob decides to switch the meeting over to his desk phone.

To switch to a different audio channel during a meeting:

  1. During a Virtual Office meeting, click in the meeting controls to open a drop-down menu.
  2. From the drop-down, select Connect Audio.
  3. The Join Audio prompt pops up, and you can either select Phone or Computer audio.
  4. If you select Phone, you can:
  5. Upon joining audio, you receive an optional audio prompt to record your name. If you choose not to state your name, you are still able to participate in the meeting.


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