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Log in to Virtual Office for Slack

To access Virtual Office for Slack features, log in to the integration from Slack with your Virtual Office credentials.

To log in to Virtual Office for Slack:

  1. Open your personal channel in Slack.

    Note: As slash commands using the integration are visible only to you, you can also use any channel in your workspace for 8x8 calls or meetings.

  1. Upon typing an 8x8 slash command in Slack to call a number (/8x8call) or launch a meeting (/8x8meeting), you are prompted to log in to the integration. Once you log in, you are not required to log in again until you have stopped using 8x8 slash commands for half an hour.
  2. In the login prompt that appears, click the Login to 8x8? button to open a login page in your browser.
  3. Enter your Virtual Office credentials to access the features of Virtual Office for Slack.


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