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Launch Virtual Office Meetings with 8x8

With Virtual Office for Slack, you can launch a productive Virtual Office meeting from Slack at any time to better collaborate with your colleagues! Simply enter the relevant slash command enabled by the integration, launch the meeting, and start inviting your colleagues.

To launch a Virtual Office meeting from Slack:

  1. Open your personal channel in Slack.

    Note: As slash commands using the integration are visible only to you, you can also use any channel in your workspace for 8x8 calls or meetings.

  1. In the message entry box of the channel, enter </8x8meeting>, and send.
  2. You are presented with a prompt to join a new Virtual Office meeting. Click the button to open a Virtual Office Meetings page in your browser.
  3. The Virtual Office Meetings browser page redirects you, and launches the meeting in the Virtual Office desktop app.
  4. Invite the desired participants, or copy the meeting details required to join and give them to the participants.

Note: The in-channel prompt to join the meeting is only visible to you; you must invite other participants or provide them with the meeting details required to join.


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